Marking Our Achievements

Marking Our Achievements

Shared Value Report

Avista succeeds when the communities it serves succeed. That is a value we have embraced since it was first spoken by Kinsey M. Robinson, Washington Water Power's fifth president.

The Shared Value Report shows how our strategic business practices create shared value for our utility and our stakeholders. Shared success reaches through seven strategies that frame our work:

Customer Engagement and Value

Deliver more value to more customers and strengthen engagement for mutual understanding

Financial Performance

Strengthen financial performance to remain a healthy company and an attractive investment

Community Vitality

Act through partnerships and service to enhance community vitality

People and Performance

Reinforce a values-driven culture of employees who do the right thing to help us succeed

Safe and Reliable Infrastructure

Invest in our infrastructure to achieve optimum life-cycle performance – safely, reliably and at a fair price

Responsible Resources

Control a portfolio of resources that responsibly meet our long-term energy needs

Effective Regulatory Outcomes

Drive positive regulatory outcomes at the local, state, regional and federal levels