In the Community

In the Community

Historic Buildings

Avista serves its customers from facilities that are both historic and significant.

Post Street Substation

The Post Street Substation was designed by famed architect Kirtland Cutter and was constructed in 1909. Located inside are the generators that produced the electric energy that powered not only the lights of the city, but the streetcars that in 1910 carried nearly 25 million passengers. The substation is still in use by Avista today, distributing electrical power, primarily to downtown Spokane, generated by the Upper Falls and the Monroe St. hydroelectric plants.

The Upper Falls Hydro Facility

The Upper Falls hydro facility is a hidden treasure, quietly generating electrical energy from the power of the Spokane River's flowing water. Situated on the south bank of the river in Riverfront Park, the Upper Falls hydro facility was built in 1922 and was instrumental in generating power for Spokane’s expanding industries. The facility is still generating clean, renewable hydroelectricity today.

Steam Plant Square

This landmark building is a present-day location for businesses, retail establishments, a restaurant and a microbrewery. When constructed in the 1890s, the facility housed furnaces and boilers that from 1916 to 1986 created enough steam power to heat over 350 downtown buildings. You can see the Steam Plant's twin smoke stacks towering 225-feet above ground level from just about anywhere in downtown Spokane.

Mission Street Headquarters

While not nearly as old as the facilities described above, Avista's headquarters building on Mission Avenue is historic in its own right. The building was constructed in 1957 and is a prime example of post-modern corporate architecture. In 2011 the company wrapped up the first phase of the building’s extensive internal remodel and update, including replacing 50-plus-year-old heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Avista has received LEED certification for all work completed in the building. This certification is a reflection of Avista’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices.